Powering Back Into The Groove

One last Kia Ora from the land of the long white cloud. We had our final glimpses of land at sunset last evening as we looked to the west to see Poor Knights Island and the coast of Tutukaka. The sunset was magical. It was like it was made for us with wispy clouds and bright orange and yellow patches across deep blue. There was even a halo around the sun as if God and the angels were saying they are here watching over us and this passage.

Given that it’s been well over a year since our last passage anywhere and two and a half years since any major passage we were both pleased to awake and find the weather to be perfect. The sun was shining brightly overhead, the winds, while not as strong as we hoped, were blowing nicely and the sea state was as expected…3 meter swells at 8-10 second intervals.

We motor sailed the majority of the day but by dinner time we were able to shut down the ol’ iron ginny and listen to the sounds of the sea….the waves slapping Dazzler’s hull and the wind kissing the sails. We even were treated to an Albatross sighting around sunset. Oh how I love those huge, prehistoric looking birds!

Of course re-learning to walk on a boat that’s healing over 10-20° was a bit challenging at first. You landlubbers have no idea how easy you have it. Just try serving up a bowl of piping hot Brunswick stew while healed over and being slammed against a stove that’s gimballed 20° toward you. I don’t care what anyone says…I do have talents! I served up four bowls throughout the day. Even had to use the sharp knife to slice cold butter for Dan’s bread and I didn’t spill a drop of stew, burn myself or cut a finger off. And, I made it through the entire day without falling or breaking anything. In my book…that’s real talent.

Anyway…it was a good first day. Of course as usual I didn’t sleep much on my pre watch nap so I’m sure when 0430 comes around I’ll go out like a light. But for now I’m sitting in the cockpit writing to you all bundled up in my foulies because we haven’t found warm weather yet. Soon….so soon! Can’t wait to come on watch at night in shorts and a tank top as the warm tradewinds brush over my shoulders.

Tonight the skies are clear with just a few sprinklings of clouds. The stars are shining like bright holes in the deep bluish purple atmosphere and the Milky Way in her ever alluring style is up there like a path in space. It’s so bright I feel as though I could step right out onto it and take a journey into another world. Don’t worry Mama…I’m in my life vest and securely tethered to the boat by the jackline. I won’t try anything stupid.

Off to our starboard side there are three brighter than normal stars. Upon reflection I realize they aren’t stars at all. They are planets. Two are literally glowing so brightly and look so close that I could reach out and touch them. With a little help from an astrological app I learn the two larger ones are Neptune and Jupiter. The slightly dimmer one that is a bit higher in the darkness is Mars. Now that is cool! How often do you get to see a sky so free of light pollution that you can actually see the other planets without a telescope? God I love this life!

Yes…tonight all is well on Dazzler so I’ll leave you now and go back to reading my book on Vanuatu. Looking forward to visiting there this year. Going to be one of the more interesting places we visit as in most of the outer islands the women go topless and the men wear nothing but a Namba which is merely a leaf wrapped around their penis. Yeah…that should be a hoot!

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