Language & Customs Guides

Traveling the world means immersing yourself in places where people speak different languages and follow unique customs. While you can get through most every country using only English, we believe learning a bit of the local vernacular goes a long way to enduring yourself to the natives. We’re certainly not professional linguists by any stretch but we’ve made a habit of learning the pleasantries such as “hello”, “goodbye”, “please”, “thank you” and some of the local slang. Even when you don’t pronounce the words quite right they still bring a smile to the faces of the locals because they know you are at least trying to fit into their land.

We also try to do our part by learning and following the local customs. After all, we are visitors in these places and as such we feel it’s a sign of respect to embrace the customs of each village and country we visit. And, honestly, isn’t this part of the reason we travel to begin with? To learn and appreciate the languages and customs of the people in foreign lands?

We wanted to help those of you who will be heading to the countries we’ve visited by providing you with some “inside information” about each country. This includes facts, language information, local “slang” and customs that will help you show the locals how much you appreciate being a visitor in their homeland.

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