Tonga consists of three island groups and 170 islands. Many which are uninhabited. It’s easy to see why when so many are look like giant boulders rising from the sea floor with no beach or way to access them. It is simply stunning to see though.

We love the Vava’u Group the most. There are so many islands and such diversity here it’s hard not to spend most of your time here. Click here to check out our favorite places and advice.

We didn’t spend as mist time in this Ha’apai Group as some cruisers. For us it was more a series of stopover points but we will share the places we visited and our thoughts.

We can’t speak for others but for us, Tongatapu is really about going to Nuku’alofa so we can provision before either heading south to New Zealand or North through Tonga. We did find some cool restaurants and provision stops here we’d like to share.