Tying The Knot

Well, it’s been quite a journey getting here but after tens of thousands of text messages, six years of being together, twenty thousand nautical miles at sea, three date changes and a venue change due to Covid….we’ve finally tied the knot! Yes, it’s true!

It was a beautiful, simple ceremony shared with some of our dearest friends and Kiwi family here in New Zealand. According to the District Council we are the very first couple to ever get married on the Victoria Canopy Bridge. It seemed like the perfect spot for a wedding given that we’ve spent the better part of three years here in the Whangarei Marina.

Our officiant, Tania Maindonald, did an amazing job! As a Pacific Islander, she understands our adventurous side and she definitely captured the two of us making our ceremony something we will cherish forever. The reception was held at the Whangarei Cruising Club and we must say that Rick, from Cater Fresh, did an outstanding job with the food. It was absolutely brilliant!

The event was truly an international affair with eleven countries and thirteen different cultures represented by our guests. Lots of laughter, singing and even a little dancing happened….well, very little dancing. If you watch the LP video you’ll understand why.

What happens next??? Well, borders around the world are finally opening up and we are going to take advantage of it. Dan’s been busy readying Dazzler to cross the oceans again and I’ve been working on the video editing, inventorying our food stores and doing the pink jobs. You know, those special jobs reserved for Mrs. Morrison. I just love saying that!!!

We plan to leave New Zealand at the end of April or early May and head off to Fiji. From there maybe over to New Caledonia and then on to Australia where we will fly home for a long awaited reunion with our family and friends over the holidays.

In the meantime….here are a couple of videos for those who are interested in watching the nuptials. There is a very short highlight version for those looking for the “Cliff Notes” experience and there is also an LP version for family and friends who want to see it all. There’s some pretty funny stuff in the LP version and you will even get to hear Dan singing as I cross the bridge but we understand not everyone wants to watch the whole event so watch whichever suits your fancy.

Until next time…

Jilly a/k/a Mrs. Dan Morrison or Mrs. Dazzler

P.S. We want to extend and extra special thank you to Tania for giving us permission to use the music from her late father, Bill Sevesi. An inductee in the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame, his island style music is truly incredible and we’re very grateful for the opportunity to have it as a part of our wedding video. To hear more of Bill’s music on Youtube click here.

The LP version has a run time of 45 minutes and includes the ceremony and lots of antics you won’t get in the highlight video. The highlight video was created by the videographer, Rafael Gil. It has a run time of 3 and a half minutes and gives just a quick look at the day. Click on the images below to view the videos.