Fauna at Hamilton Gardens

Te Pahu & Hamilton Gardens

We spent just a few days in Te Pahu at the end of our trip from Tauranga to the Coromandel to Taupo and back. Mostly it rained while we were here but we did take the opportunity to make the hour drive into Hamilton and walk through Hamilton Gardens even though it wasn’t all that pretty on the day we arrived. We still enjoyed every second of our time there.

Knowing the immense amount of work Dan had ahead of him when we returned to Tauranga he wasn’t all that upset that the rain forced us to take a few days to just sit and relax! Our Air BnB in Te Pahu was absolutely perfect for that too! Mike, the host, was delightful and we so enjoyed the warm accommodations, excellent view and relaxing couple of days. If you’re in the area, we highly recommend Mike’s BnB! You can see more about it by clicking here.

Below are some of the images from our time in this area.

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