Hiva Oa Gallery

Hiva Oa is full of life and beauty with its lush green mountains and black sand beaches. We absolutely fell in love with their fascinating history and charming people. Some beaches had beautiful crystal clear water while others were covered in hot, black sand. Either way, It’s a beautiful place to explore. Here’s some of the photographs of Hiva Oa during our stay.


Thw little village of Atuona is a wonderful place to reconnect with friends who also make the jump from Mexico or the Americas.

We met up with lots of cruisers from around the world here. Everyone spent time telling stories of their travels and catching their breath before heading out to explore the rest of the Marquesas.

Puamu’a is a three hour drive from Atuona. It’s a beautiful, if a bit treacherous drive and we highly recommend it. We rented a car in town from the Tattoo/School and Car Rental place. On the way back we stopped to see the “Laughing Tiki”. That the one with Dan on the top row.

Whatever you do, don’t leave Hiva Oa without stopping in to see William at the Hanaiapa Yacht Club. The anchorage here is wonderful with good holding and protection. The village is so clean and beautiful too. And, of course, your time with William will be the most wonderful part of it all!