Anse Amyot, Toau

Anse Amyot at Toau is a preferred stop for cruisers coming to Toau. There is an actual pass into the atoll called Passe Fakatahuna on the southeastern side. We chose, however, to stop Anse Amyot which is a false pass. It is actually a cove in the atoll is about 150 meters across. The southern end of this cove is blocked by a large coral reef and shallow waters so there is not actual access to the lagoon. Some will tell you this creates a great “all weather” anchorage but we can tell you from experience that is NOT the case. You can learn more about our experience reading the article below.


The anchorage itself has room for a maximum of 10 yachts. It would be tight but it could happen in the right conditions. There were eight yachts there when we were there and that felt like enough for us. There are some moorings that can be used but we’ve heard conflicting information regarding them. As we’d suggest with any mooring in the islands, dive it and check it for yourself.

When we arrived there were no moorings left so we had no choice but to anchor. It was beautiful and sunny and the water was perfectly clear so anchoring was a breeze. We anchored in about 25 feet of water on a sandy bottom without a bommie in sight.


If you are here when there is a strong southern or northern blow you could find yourself in a difficult place which is why we don’t understand why some have said it’s a good all weather anchorage. We were there for two days during a strong southern blow. The holding seemed good, but we had to reset the anchor three times and almost hit another boat during the process. Of course this all happened in the wee hours of the morning so leaving in the dark wasn’t an option either. To read more about our nerve-racking adventure click on the article below.

Provisioning, Restaurants & Fuel

At this part of the atoll you are not going to find much of anything. We’ve read that Gaston & Valentine who live on the eastern side of the anchorage will provide a dinner with advance notice but we weren’t here long enough to enjoy that. We’ve also heard that Gaston might be able to get you some fuel but the supply ship only comes every 25 days so don’t count on it.

Snorkeling & Diving

We heard from close friends that the crystal clear waters and healthy coral make for amazing snorkeling and diving but due to weather we had to bug out before we got a chance to enjoy it.

To read about our nerve-racking experience on the second day at Anse Amyot at Toau, click below.

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