Dazzler Approved Businesses

As cruisers we understand that locating the best businesses when you are traveling to new places all the time can be difficult. This is why we’ve set up the Dazzler Approved Businesses page. Businesses and tradespeople featured on these pages are ones we have personally used and recommend, not just to strangers but to our very best friends. Note that we do not receive any compensation for their listings on our site. We just want to give you good, reliable information that you can count on!

If you have any questions regarding these business or find that they are not longer in business, please do not hesitate to drop us an email. We depend on cruisers who’ve come behind us to help keep these informational pages up to date.


Captain Dan & Jilly

With over 300 islands in Fiji it would be tough to give you the scoop on all of the great businesses there but we’ll do our best to give you information on the ones we recommend.

Finding parts can be a challenge at best in Mexico. Finding great tradespeople ever more of one. Captain Dan spent seven years cruising the Sea of Cortez. During that time he made many great discoveries when it came to tradespeople and businesses. Click here to find out more.

From 2018 to 2020 we spent the better part of two years on New Zealand’s North Island. We’ve found their world class marine industry to be absolutely amazing and yes, we’ve found some other great businesses along the way. Click to find everything from great marinas and boatyards to excellent restaurants.