Where Is All The Land?

As New Zealand sinks below the horizon of our wake. I can’t help but think about all the things that have gone on in the last two years. Wonderful things like all the new friends we’ve made, the scenic and majestic places we have had the opportunity to experience and then there are the current global events. No! This is not a political rant so rest your sphincter Sonny Jim. Getting married in New Zealand, the Covid grip on the world, the government’s fight for grip and control of their citizens, election blunders and a buck buck war over dominance and control on the Asian continent. We are now about 150 nautical miles from the shores of New Zealand and there is water as far as the eye can see with no visible land in sight. Where is all the land that matters?

I have always been a bit different from many others in how I approach life. I could be my own little country out here. All of the 36 feet long by 11.5 feet wide deck space of Dazzler. As long as I play nice with other boaters and countries I meet along the way all will be right with my world. I practice many of the basic Judaeo/Christian ethics and values, so I’m not looking for something to steal from someone else. In fact, I’m happy you have the things you have acquired in your life. Just like I am happy for all the things I’ve done in my life. All the roads or waters I’ve traveled and the hundreds of people I’ve met along those journeys.

Currently a sea gypsy by choice and for the most part the master of my own destiny; with very few exceptions I have accomplished and or done anything I’ve set my mind to. There is something very unique about traveling on the ocean in a small sailboat and making decisions about where and what you will do. Most all choices are now made in unison. There are so many paths to chose from. Do you go down this rabbit hole, go on walkabout in the Australian outback, a jungle safari or help scientists in the Amazon the limits are only constrained by our desire, ability and imagination.

It is entirely possible that we could stumble upon and anchor adjacent to small speck of land somewhere in the vast ocean planet we exist upon. A place with no inhabitants. Sure someone will claim they own it and then there will be someone else who says they stole it from them and on and on the merry-go-round goes until someone grabs the golden ring. Or kicks the crap out of someone. Why in this wide world we live in do we still allow the elites to control us? Sitting around the round table in that place in Colorado called, “The Meadows.” You know who I’m talking about. The Gettys, the Wrothchilds, the Queen, the Vatican and Colonel Sanders before he died. All playing a rousing game of Life, Risk or Monopoly, but using the real world and people as game pieces.

There is a much simpler place in the world for us to go. To enjoy our life, to celebrate accomplishments and our worth. It is out there for everyone of us. It could be a mountain top, quail hunting near Bishop, a stable paddock, a beach, an island or even in the middle of the ocean. A place where you can be yourself an no one tells you how to run your destiny.

So for me, getting back on the big waters again after two years of hiatus feels good. I’m back and I like what I feel! While leaving the mouth of the river on Monday and into the Pacific Ocean, Jilly was watching me carefully work Dazzler’s control lines in the cockpit and said, “You’re in your happy place.” What else could I say, except an emphatic “Yes!” Find your place in life that makes you happy and live for yourself. Until next time, Yo ho, Yo ho, oh you know how that song goes…It’s a Dazzler life for us.


Captain Dan

Author: Dan & Jilly

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