Tips & Tricks

TIP #1

When working on projects that have multiple parts and fasteners, I use rectangular plastic containers that have been repurposed from the galley to keep all your parts and fasteners in one place.


*Note* Make sure your significant other is okay with permanently using whatever container you decide to confiscate. Don’t use the gravy boat! Using a container for projects makes great sense since many projects on Dazzler are done on the hook and not at the calm waters of marina docks. This practice will keep parts close by. While working on projects, many parts have been known to go on walk about and are now candidates for their photo on the side of a milk carton. While using a local dock to perform a project it will help keep your parts and fasteners from performing an Olympic dive into the murky waters of the marina with a high degree of difficulty as it threads the needle through the gaps of the wooden planks.  Hasty la vista baby!  Let’s hope it wasn’t that special part that cost an arm and a leg.  Additionally, you might have to don your dive gear for a search and recovery into the abyss.

Happy projects to you!
Captain Dan, SV Dazzler


TIP #2

I love to use the vacuum sealer! It’s an amazing device for keeping food fresh but there’s many uses on a boat. You can use it to store parts, clothes and other items. That said, for this tip I would like to share this. I make homemade granola bars and we usually buy the ingredients in bulk. When I get them back to the boat, I divide them up and actually create pre-made dry mixes with all of the ingredients including the granola, oats, fruit, nuts and spices. By doing this I have a great “mix” that only requires me to add the wet ingredients when it’s time to make more. This makes it easy to make granola bars underway. I spend less time in the galley (A HUGE PLUS) and less time measuring and cleaning (AN EVEN BIGGER PLUS).