Captain’s Tips

TIP #1 Don’t Lose Those Small Parts

When working on projects that have multiple parts and fasteners, I use rectangular plastic containers that have been repurposed from the galley to keep all your parts and fasteners in one place.


Tip #2 Non-Slip Rugs

We have discovered an end to slip sliding rugs and runners on Dazzler. Her soul is made of finished teak and our rugs always slid around under our feet even though we had rubber mats under them. We’d actually have to roll them up and stow them when underway. That’s until we found Teebaud Non-skid Rug Underlays. Holy cow! This stuff is amazing! Not only does it keep our rugs firmly in place but there’s just enough padding to make our rugs feel comfortable under foot. This is one of those things we wish we’d have known about years ago. Check them out here!