Cruising the Marquesas

After 25 days at sea the mountains of Hiva Oa were a welcome sight as we were both ready for an anchor down beer and a little land time. Our stay in the Marquesas was a bit longer than we planned due to the fact that we had to have a new generator shipped to us in Nuka Hiva, but that’s okay. We found the people here to be kind, generous and full of life.

Due to our generator issues we only had the chance to explore four of the twelve islands here but we made the most of each one. Here’s some information about them. For more detailed information be sure to read some of the articles we wrote about our stay in the Marquesas.

Customs & Immigration

As we stated before, due to Covid-19 and the constant changes in border restrictions we will refer you to other government and sailing sites for up to date information. We did check in at Hiva Oa with the Gendarmerie there and our check in was quick and easy. It is our understanding that you can still check in at the outer islands but please do confirm this for yourself.

Visit Islands of Tahiti or Noonsite for up to date information.

Links To The Islands SV Dazzler & Crew Visited In The Marquesas

CLICK HERE for more information about Hiva Oa including getting around, restaurants and more.