Feeding Frenzy

Just another ordinary day on Dazzler as we sit on the hook enjoying being on the water again. We never even left the boat today…just enjoyed a wonderful sunny day looking at the beautiful island while relaxing out here.

We both did manage to get motivated enough to do a couple of chores and make a little food. When the food was done we did as we always do…shared the leftovers with the fish. The Remoras were in a feeding frenzy eating leftover sausages and bread.

What a wonderful day!

Until next time,

Jilly & Dan

Author: Dan & Jilly

2 thoughts on “Feeding Frenzy

  1. have you guys bumped into my friends on green hulled hunter “Bella Marina?”..nice folks.
    how about “Curiosity?”..leopard cat…
    water looks nice, cant wait to dive in it!!!

    1. No, haven’t seen either of those boats. Of course there’s a lot of water and islands out here.

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