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Here’s Some of Our Recent Videos

Here’s a little video showcasing the great fishing we did in the Sea of Cortez in 2017! Captain Dan is one amazing fisherman and he taught me a lot about hand line fishing off the back of Dazzler as well as dinghy fishing. We caught more fish than we could possibly keep but as Dan says, it’s about “Rail Time”. The more time you spend fishing the better you become at it.


Four Months At Sea…It’s Been An Epic Summer traveling the Sea of Cortez. Check out our Mexican adventure.


So, in México there are these roving musicians who are everywhere. They will play
music for you if  you pay them. One of Dan’s favorite ways to get them to move on is to Video Link Button-Roving Musiciansask them to play “Stairway to Heaven”. When they tell him they don’t know it, he tells them that’s all he wanted to hear so they move along. Well, that is until we ran into this group of talented musicians in Puerto Peñasco. Click on the photo to the left to go to our Youtube channel to watch this great video. And yes, Dan paid the the 200 pesos they requested!


Some videos you may have missed:

IMG_0506   Orcas Whales Visit To Dazzler In The Sea Of Cortez

1DW Con Building   Isla Isabel…The Galapagos of the Northern Hemisphere

La Cava Jilly & La Patrona    La Patrona At La Cava Restuarant…An Amazing Singer in La Cruz

Dan on Pulminia   Good Morning Mazatlán

Jilly & Dan @ Cruiser Tree     San Juanico…The Cruiser Shrine Tree

IMG_E1707.jpg Sea Lions Gone Wild (At Isla Granito Near Puerto Refugio)

manta-ray-2184569_1920  Catching Rays (At San Juanico)

dolphins-2160498_1920.jpg Dolphin Invasion (Sea Of Cortez)