Bye Bye Nuku’alofa

This morning we took the ferry into town one last time. It was a beautiful ride and as we approached the wharf a fabulous rainbow appeared above the city. It was the third one we saw today! It’s almost as if Nuku’alofa is showing her very best to us on our last day here.
First stop….Crowley’s Bakery. Oh my…what lovely breads and treats they have in there. We picked up some bread and rolls and then it was off to the wharf. In Tonga all yachts must check in and out of the different island groups. So, after a brief stop at the Port Authority office to pay the $79 Pa’anga port fee we walked to the Customs office and completed our checkout. On the way back to the ferry we stopped at Billfish for a couple of Maka Maka beers.
Back at the island we made one last stop in Big Mama’s to say our goodbyes to the wonderful people we met there. We made some fabulous new friends at BMYC. We will miss them all…Big Mama, Earle, Lea, Pai, Andrew, Mary and Johnny. Today, however, it is time to say goodbye as there’s so much more to see here in Tonga. So, we are heading north to the Ha’apai group of islands to spend a week or so. This area is where the Mutiny on the HMS Bounty took place. Yep, we’re following in the footsteps of the famous captains of yesteryear.
Tonight is a beautiful night to be sailing. The sky is clear and the stars are brightly shining above. We’ve got 15-20 knot winds off the starboard quarter and Dazzler is sailing along at 4-5 knots. She loves this point of sail! We will be at our next stop just after sunrise. Looking forward to the new adventures ahead.
Until next time,
Jilly & Dan

Author: Dan & Jilly

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