Beautiful Tahuata…The Rainbow’s End

We left Fatu Hiva and made the 40 mile trip north back to Tahuata. At least this time it was with the swell and wind instead of against it. Yes, Tahuata is the beautiful spot we were at just about a week ago. As we neared our favorite anchorage we note several boats were there so we would not have it all to ourselves as we did the first time. It’s not a very large place so we opt to go a bit further north to the next anchorage. The last time we were here there was at least a dozen boats but we’ll give it a shot.

It turns out there are only two other boats so we drop the anchor. Just after we get the anchor down and pop our anchor down beers we are greeted with the most wonderful sight. There is a rainbow over the beach that actually begins and ends in the water. I’m 50 years old and I’ve never seen both ends of the rainbow. OH MY! What a truly spectacular sight. It literally goes into the water. Nope, I’m sorry to say there is no pot of gold on either end but I will tell you this, if you ever get a chance to see this you will never forget it!

There’s a light mist in the air and we are basking in the glow of the afternoon sun and the rainbow. Can it get any better than this? We certainly don’t think so.

Today we awoke to another beautiful day here. The sun is out and we are enjoying this lovely anchorage but there is work to do. Dan needs to clean the bottom of the boat and I’ve got laundry to do. Yep, back to the bucket and the rail-side wringer. I’ve got clothes hanging down both sides of the boat in two rows. It’s amazing how quickly laundry backs up out here. It’s about this time that I’m truly missing the cheap laundry places of México but you know, if you have to work, you might as well do it in paradise. That’s our motto anyway.

Soon the laundry is almost done and we are kicking back with a beer to reward ourselves for our hard work. I go to pull down a couple more items from the line and find what looks like rust stains. Ironically they are all on my clothes and not on Dan’s. To say the least I’m not happy about it. We begin to search out the culprit.

It turns out it’s not rust, it’s cedar stain from wet cedar in my locker. The wastewater fitting on the deck is leaking and right into my locker. Arghhhh! Now Dan has to remove it and reseal it, which requires me to remove all my clothes. What a mess! When he removed the fitting he found a crack around it. Ever Mr. McGuyver, Dan pulls out the liquid weld and fixes it. No, it’s not a permanent fix but one that will get us to Papeete at least. A couple of hours later and the leak is fixed and I’m reloading my locker.

Now it’s time to head to shore. I’ve been dying to walk the beach here as it is truly beautiful. We pull up on the beach and pull the dink ashore. The surf is a bit rough and the tide is coming in. We walk just a short way away from the dink when we see a wave come crashing in that lifts it off the sand. We walk back and Dan says he’ll stay here to watch it while I walk the beach. It’s certainly not what I wanted but I do want to get some great photos here so off I go.

I walk up along the tree line and find some huts and other things. They make copra here. The one bamboo hut reminds me of Gilligan’s Island. I even spot a small kitty lying on a table just enjoying the view, the scents and the sounds. He or she looks like the happiest kitty I’ve ever seen but then why not? Wouldn’t you be happy just sitting under a swaying coconut palm watching the waves crash on the beach too?

I would explore a bit deeper into the dwellings but there is a sign that asks that you stay on the beach. Unlike a lot of cruisers we’ve encountered I will honor their request. After all, this is their property and even though no one is here to see me, I will do the right thing and keep my distance.

My walk along the beach is beautiful but lonely. I would much rather have Dan here beside me so I don’t walk as far as I might have otherwise. I do get some truly spectacular shots of the anchorage, the beach and some of the huts before heading back to Dan & the dink.

We get back to Dazzler and sit in the cockpit enjoying the sunset at this amazing place. No, it may not always be sunshine and cocktails here but we work through it and we are rewarded with breathtaking rainbows and stunning sunsets. Life is truly wonderful!

Until next time,

For more photos of Tahuata be sure to check out our Tahuata Gallery by clicking on the link below.

Author: Dan & Jilly

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  1. Shelly and I are truely jealous. We can’t wait to meet you someday. I am very happy that you and Dan have each other. Be safe.

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