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The new year has arrived and the Dazzler crew wants to start it off right by doing a little community service for our friends and business associates. What do we mean? Well, we’ve made a commitment that the first article each month will be one that has nothing to do with our travel adventures. Instead, it will focus on some business or organization that we feel deserves a little extra exposure in the world. Yes, we have our Dazzler Approved Businesses with links to ones we’ve used and recommend but these 12 articles for 2021 will focus on those that may or may not have to do with sailing and cruising. They will be businesses that we believe in or that we support. None of these businesses are paying for any of this. It’s just our small way of giving back. But don’t worry….this is just going to be one article a month. The rest of our articles will be the normal, crazy, adventure filled editorials you’ve come to love and expect from this team of ragtag sailors.

To kick off 2021 we couldn’t think of a better business to tell you about than Kickit Pajamas! Two of the founders of this incredible company have been friends with Jilly since childhood. These ladies and their two other business partners have started one of the greatest companies we’ve seen to date. 

So what are Kickit Pajamas? Well, first of all they are stylish and super comfortable. Second, and just as important, they are designed for women who are hospitalized for or recovering from horrible illnesses such as cancer. The unique design of these PJs allow the hospital staff to do all the things they need to do while allowing the wearer to feel confident about how they look and feel as they undergo some of the worst things on earth. After all, if you look and feel good you’re better able to face the tough days and focus on “Kicking It”….cancer or whatever it is that has you down. 

This isn’t just a business for these ladies. It is personal. Cindy, Jilly’s childhood friend, suffered from cervical cancer. It was a gift of some pretty PJs while she was in the hospital in the fight of her life that brought the idea of Kickit Pajamas to life. The pretty PJs she received made her feel good and ready to kick cancer’s butt! She did it too!!!

And one of the other founders, Anna, was the caregiver for her mother who suffered for four years with acute myelogenous leukemia and her father as he battled stage four pancreatic cancer for two years. Yes, these ladies understand that dignity and a will to fight means everything when you’re in a battle for your life. And, these ladies aren’t just doing this to make a profit, although profits are what keep businesses alive. They are donating a portion of every single purchase to help cancer patients and cancer charities. 

So, as you can see this is a business we are behind 100%! We want to see them succeed in every way and this is why we’re writing about them and adding them to our Dazzler Approved Businesses. Oh yes, we don’t want to forget to tell you that they ship worldwide so wherever you or a loved one is that can use a pair of these awesome PJs you can get them. Take a moment and check out their website to learn more about them and let’s help them help patients around the world to Kickit!

Click above to visit their site.

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