Is My Rubber Room Ready

Day 4 Fiji to New Zealand

Last night was certainly one I do not want to repeat. We’re both exhausted and ready to have this passage behind us. I’m trying to look at the bright side of things as I sit in the cockpit on watch. Due to our watch schedule it’s rare that I’m awake for sunset or sunrise. This morning, however, I will get to see the sunrise as I let Dan get some additional sleep. I’m excited at the prospect of seeing the golden sun clear the horizon. It’s the dawning of a new day and one I hope will bring better things for us and this journey.

It’s Halloween morning and I had already written an eerie poem about the sinking of a pirate ship and posted it on the blog along with a photo of me dressed as an evil pirate Wench. With all the mishaps and bad things happening on this passage I’m beginning to wonder if I jinxed us by writing it in the first place.

The sun should be coming up soon as I can see the sky beginning to lighten. As it gets lighter I realize there will be no picturesque sunrise to start my day. It seems the dark cloud that is following this passage has now enveloped the entire sky. There is just one opening in the clouds and as I look at it I can’t believe my eyes. It literally looks like a skull. I can’t make this up! I even take a photo because no one will believe it. I can’t help but wonder if this is some ominous sign but as quickly as that thought enters my head I fight to flush it from my brain. “It’s merely a coincidence. Stop letting your imagination get the best of you.” I say aloud. “I really, really need to get some sleep.” In an effort to change my thoughts I open my iPad and play a little mindless solitaire for the next two hours.

Dan wakes up around 0730 and takes over so I can get my sleep. I’ve only had about an hour and a half in the past seventeen hours so I’m ready. It takes mere seconds for me to fall into a deep slumber that even the pounding of the waves can’t penetrate.

Several hours later I wake to nature’s call. I can feel that the boat is not being tossed around quite as violently as she has in the past few days and I’m delighted. Finally, maybe our luck has turned around and the rest of this passage will be smooth sailing. I crawl from the bunk and hit the head. I’m a happy girl because I’m feeling like everything is finally going to be okay.

I’ve just completed my business when the boat makes a quick lurch to the starboard side that literally catapults me AND the toilet seat off of the throne. I try grabbing hold of the shower wall and sink but the force is too much. It’s as if my bum and the seat are one as we slide forward and slam into the door. The next thing I know I’m standing there with my knickers to my knees looking in the mirror. I have one hand on the shower wall and in the other I’m holding the toilet seat. At this point there are no tears, no salty sailor swear words. No, I just burst out laughing. I mean honestly, what else can I do? I’m mentally and physically exhausted and probably just moments from needing a reservation at the Rubber Room Palace. Laughter is all I have left.

I set the seat down, pull up my britches, wash my hands and walk out. I walk straight up to the cockpit where I inform Dan that he has yet another boat project to work on. We both have a great laugh at my expense and fortunately it takes him mere minutes to reattach the seat. He does tell me I need to hold on better in the future though.

The rest of the day is fairly benign as far as catastrophes go. The winds and swell are what they are and we just keep pushing through. When it’s time for dinner we decide to hove to so that I’m not getting bounced around the galley. Hoving to is a wonder thing. I’m able to make our spaghetti dinner easily and quickly and for the first time on this trip we both sit at the table and enjoy a meal together. Maybe things are going to be okay after all.

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Jilly & Dan

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  1. I’m following along from the comfort of my couch in Arizona. Sorry to see it’s so rough for you guys…but you’re right. Dazzler can handle it and it will soon be behind you! Sending good karma for seas to calm down and this passage to be over soon! xo Travis and Hilary

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