The Wench Of Death

In the spirit of Halloween we thought we’d take a break from our normal stuff and post a little eerie piece of our own since we’re at sea and can’t be a part of all the fun.

Here’s a poem written by Jilly and yes, that is her in the photograph. NO! This is not what she looks like when she wakes up!

The Wench Of Death

On a dark and stormy night at sea the winds of fate brought misery.
The air was thick with rain and fog as pirates gulped their fiery grog.
The Wench of Death roamed the creaking decks but none paid heed to her signs of death.
The ship sailed on through the blackened sea as she watched and waited patiently. 
She summoned the souls of shipwrecks passed. Then called on the devil to unleash his wrath.
She works like a slave for Davy Jones…Sentenced to life on the sea she roams.
Soon serpents rose from the deepest depths and the air grew thick with the stench of death. 
The ship was tossed around violently. Never had they seen such a raging sea.
The men were paralyzed with fear for they knew that death was surely near.
Lightening struck on every side. There was no place left for them to hide.
The wind ripped through their tattered sails as the Wench unleashed the gates of hell.
The crew aboard…they all would drown. Not a single soul ever would be found.
It was Halloween…the eve of fright, when the old ship sank in the pale moonlight.
Davy took them to their watery grave with the thrashing of one last massive wave.
Now they dwell in the deep dark sea and they shall live eternally 
where souls of shipwrecks come alive…where darkness reigns and evil thrives.

Written by: Jilly L. Hasty

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Author: Dan & Jilly