South Pacific – Day#17

4.11.18 @ 1000 Local, 1700 Zulu Day #17
Latitude: 03°00N Longitude: 129°15W Covered Distance Last 24 Hours: 113 Distance to the Marquesas: 956 NM Distance from Punta de Mita, Mexico: 2010 Weather: 30% cloud cover with Winds: Southeasterly Trade Winds at 10.5 knots Sea State: .5-1.0 meters Barometer: 1014 Crew’s Mood: I get tire of saying Awesome all the time. Ha ha ha. Not!
Dull Drums
With the song from the circa 1970’s movie Voyage of The Yes, reverberating in my head…. I’d rather be a hammer than a nail, yes I would, if I could, I surely would….. we are crossing the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ). Commonly referred to as the doldrums. The place where the northern and southern trade winds converge. It is also where the northern and Southern Hemisphere ocean currents and high pressure systems duke it out. A few days ago we monitored the water temperature and watch it go from 86°F, down to 74°F and then up to 96.7°F. That is crazy! We haven’t seen water temps like that since Puerto Peńasco in the northern Sea of Cortez. But even crazier was the wide swing of temperature.
I had to laugh yesterday because we saw a fishing vessel called the Fu Yuan Yu. If you say it real fast it sounds like Fooie on You. I’m still laughing about it. We drug lines for another day with no results. Jilly says she has seen a few large fish swim by the boat, but she could not I’d them. Maybe they are acquainted with the Fooie on You fishing boat. LOL We are still hopeful. I’d like to see the water temps drop to about the mid eighties though.
Looking at the down loadable Predict Wind weather source yesterday morning it looks like we should be into the influence of the southeast Trade Winds soon. But wait! Where were the doldrums at? Yes we had to motor in light or no winds for several hours, but it wasn’t none stop. We had a very leisurely sail the day before with 9-11 knots of breeze from the NE and sailed for about 6 hours before it died out. Then yesterday morning after walking up, we had 10 knots of breeze from the NE. Motor off sails up and away we go again. Sailing in the ITCZ. It’s not so bad. The day before yesterday while sailing in the afternoon, the vistas of 360° ocean view with fluffy white and grey clouds dotting the sky was amazing. The sky was so blue and the water. Well, the water is very clear, but it doesn’t have that ice clear blue look here. I’m guessing it may have something to do with the water temperature and the convergence of several different ocean currents. We haven’t seen that many flying fish in these really warm waters either.
The sunrises and sunsets here are breath taking. The blue gray hues along with the orange red glow resting on the horizon as the sunlight peaks through the openings between the clouds huddled near that well defined line between heaven and earth. As the sun gradually lifts closer to that line, the colors gradually change giving way and blending into light blue shading to darker blue farther away from the horizon. The night is losing its dominant grip to the overpowering of the sun. All without a struggle as if this where the description of the word Harmony came from. Nature in a private concert and being played out before our eyes where only those here at this moment and at this time are fortunate enough to behold and take it in.
Doldrums? Is say not at this time or on this voyage. Definitely an experience to behold. Then a twist of a few degrees to change the heading and Dazzler increases her speed and by God we’re sailing along at 5 knots. Shazam!
Okay folks, until next time, will this be the end of Batman and Robin? Will the Joker finally foil Gotham’s crime fighting duo? Tune in tomorrow, same Bat time, same Bat channel. Where the H-E-double hockey sticks did that come from? Tha tha that, tha tha tha that’s all folks. Sorry my 60’s 70’ flashbacks just took over. Ha ha ha. Maybe too much touchy feely stuff in this post.
Captain Dan
PS Jim H2O temp 96.1. Crazy!

Author: Dan & Jilly

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  1. Hi Dan

    Glad the trip is going well. What happen to AfterMath? I was thinking that maybe it was time to rig up some lines and pulleys going from the rudder quadrant to the helm, sort of like a wind vane, or something to get the steering up on deck. Anything interesting from other boats?

    Good Luck

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