Pacific Crossing – Day #2

3.27.18 @ 1000 Local, 1700 Zulu Day #2 Latitude: 19°21 N Longitude: 108°38 W Covered Distance Last 24 Hours: 112 NM Distance to the Marquesas: 2485 NM Distance from Punta de Mita, Mexico: 217 NM Weather: 50% Scattered Clouds Winds: N 14 Knots Sea State: 3’- 5’ with swells out of the N Barometer: 1016 Crew’s Mood: All’s well…ready to reach the trades.
Things are well on board. Spent some time motor sailing yesterday morning and again in the late evening hours last night but it looks as though we are on the edge of the trades now as the morning winds have picked up and we are fully under sail at 5-6 knots.
Had a small issue with the jib furler yesterday. When we tried to pull in the jib the line fouled. Wasn’t anything major, it just took a while to fix it. Both of us were on deck getting soaked by the waves crashing over the bow. That might not have been so bad but it was later in the afternoon and the air was chilling down. We were freezing by the time we were done. We got her fixed and got the sail in just in time for the PPJ net and dinner. Who says we have nothing to do out here?
This morning is beautiful! Cloudy but still some sun and the water has finally reached that amazing azur blue color. It’s so spectacular and so clear!
Sails are full and the sailing is awesome right now! This is exactly the type of wind and seas Dazzler loves. Looking forward to an issue free day aboard Dazzler today. One filled with great winds for amazing sailing!
P.S. Grape Ape is feeling a bit forlorn this morning as he misses Gordo and his friends in México. We’ve been talking to him about French Polynesia and he seems to be cheering up a bit!

Author: Dan & Jilly

3 thoughts on “Pacific Crossing – Day #2

  1. HEY RAZZLE DAZZLE!!…Lawnboy here!..super stoked to be following your blog!..I miss the open ocean crossings….thanks for takin me back! Glad all is well on board and you guys are getting into the groove….hell, only a couple thousand miles left! thanks for the post, look forward the the next one.
    capt. Lawnboy Wades Aweigh!

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