Pacific Crossing – Day #1

3.26.18 @ 1000 Local, 1700 Zulú Day #1 Latitude: 20°07 N Longitude: 107°13 W Covered Distance: 105 NM Distance to the Marquesas: 2598 NM Distance from Punta de Mita, Mexico 105 NM Weather: Sunny, 1/8 Cloudy Sky, Light Winds 7 Knots SSW Sea State: 1’ Wind Chop, 3’-4’ NW Swell @ 12 Seconds Barometer: 1014 Crew’s Mood: Still happy, excited and settling into our routine.
We left Punta de Mita, Mexico @ 11 a.m. local, 1700 Zulu. It was a beautiful day! The sun was out, whales were playing and the winds were beginning to fill in. We motored out past the Tres Marieta Islands which took about an hour. Then we shut off the motor and hoisted the sails. It was a bit of a slow start at about 3.5 knots but we were expecting that. The winds began to pick up about an hour later and Dazzler was getting into her groove running about 5.5 knots. It was pure heaven!
About three hours into our journey Dan looked up and saw a problem aloft. We had about a six inch seam separation in the upper third of the mainsail where the fabric overlaps and is stitched together. For some this could have been a huge problem. Not for my man! We dropped the sails, he got out his trusty sewing machine, stitched her up and an hour later the sails were back up and we continued on our way. Got to love the way he can fix just about anything.
The evening brought with it 6-10 knots of north wind that pushed us along around 5 knots. It wasn’t the most comfortable sail as the swell was coming from the northwest providing a bit of a herky jerky ride. It wasn’t awful but not overly comfortable either. It was sort of like riding a mechanical bull in slow motion. One second you’re going port, then starboard then falling back or thrusting forward. This made it a bit difficult to sleep but then the first night underway is always a little tough. It takes a day or two to get into the rhythm of everything.
As the sun began to rise today we were greeted by a small school of spinner dolphin executing their perfectly choreographed water ballet. It was such a nice way to begin the day. We are out of sight of land so seeing other life forms is always a bonus.
Not much wind in the wee morning hours, so we motored for several hours. We’ve altered course a bit to be able to sail. Now on a heading of 286ºT. Just hoisted the sails at a little before 9 a.m. local time. It’s so nice to hear just the wind and the water.
P.S. Grape Ape & Wilson are doing fine. Grape Ape is very excited with his gifts from Aunt Deb & Uncle John of SV Lovely Reta.

Author: Dan & Jilly

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  1. So happy you guys are doing IT! Good on u for having the tools on board to fix problems. But “of course.” Enjoy!

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