The Sun Rises and Sets

We’ve seen so many beautiful and amazing sunrises and sunsets in the past four months that we just had to share a few with you. You’ll note that some of our favorite sunrises and sunsets are in Puerto Refugio. It is such an unbelievably beautiful place to visit. Aside from the fact that you can go there in the summer and be the only boat within miles, it is one of the most picturesque places we’ve visited. It ranks #1 on my top five places we’ve been to this summer. Stay tuned as I post about the Top 5 Anchorages In the Sea of Cortez next week.

Hope you enjoy these vistas as much as we did!

P. S. We’ve found that an ice cold beer or cocktail go very well with these views! Just sayin’…

Puerto Refugio…The island to the left is where I got my first unclose encounter with Sea Lions! LOVE THIS PLACE!
La Gringa! This was the night before the infamous Chubasco. It certainly was a “red sky at night” kind of evening…The beautiful views gave way to the most frightening storm. Hard to believe you could go from this kind of magic to life threatening weather. Got to love Mother Nature!
Bahïa de Los Angelés
Puerto Peñasco
Puerto Peñasco…Our last night there after 17 days!
Just South of Puerto Peñasco on our way it after an all night passage. Fortunately we never encountered that storm you see off to the right.
Puerto Refugio. Our first sunrise there on our way north. This was something special to have coffee and enjoy on our first day there.
Puerto Refugio
Puerto Refugio…Sunset on the night a very good friend, my Irish Sister, Didi passed away after years of battling Cancer. THIS ONE’S FOR YOU DI! LOVE AND MISS YOU!
Somewhere between Bahía San Fransicquito and Puerto Peñasco
Puerto Peñasco…The Shrimp Boats…There were at least a hundred of them in this tiny harbor!
IMG_0893 2
Isla Partida…Best Yellowtail Fishing Of The Season! Caught 16 in about two hours!
Bahía de Los Angelés
Puerto Refugio…The Sunrise there showed colors from the bright reds and purples here to soft greens and intense gold colors you see in other photos. THIS is one of the reasons we find it so appealing visually.
20527581_10207336659293322_2020453379_n copy
Puerto Refugio…Such a variety of colors and landscape you see in one spot. AMAZING!
Puerto Refugio…So I took this photo just before I took the two above. See what I mean about a variety of colors and landscapes?
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