On The Move Again

We’ve had a nice time here in La Paz over the past week or so but it’s time to start moving north. Dan finished running the net this morning, we completed our morning chores and are underway. Our first stop is Calita Partida as we make our way up to Laredo. Dan and Nancy of SV Karvi are just ahead of us.

On the way out of La Paz we passed the Sam Simon Sea Shepherd boat anchored just outside of the channel. They are in Mexico to try to help save the Vaquita….a small grey porpoise found in the Sea of Cortez. You can read more about their story here: http://weku.fm/post/mexico-last-ditch-effort-save-vaquita-verge-extinction


We passed Isla Lobo just a few moments ago. This must be where my friend Syd lives with his seal family and friends. I love watching them but I will tell you that as you approach the island there is a nasty stench hanging in the air. Cute they may be, but stinky too!


Well, I’m about to lose internet. We will be off grid for a week or so but will check in as soon as we reach civilization again. Hope all our friends in the states have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! A big thanks to the men and women who have fought to preserve our freedoms! And also thanks to their families!

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Author: Dan & Jilly

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