Dazzler Approved Restaurants In Denarau

The Dazzler crew loves to eat out and in Fiji it’s so reasonably priced we find it is often just as cheap to go out to eat as it is to cook on board. Of course eating out in the islands isn’t always possible so when we are in the more “civilized” areas we eat out a lot. Here’s some of our favorite restaurants in Denarau.

Nandina Restaurant

If you’re looking for some truly inspirational and tasty Fijian food then you don’t need to look any further than Nandina. The staff here is over the top friendly and fun and the food is amazing. We’ve had Kokoda (a traditional Fijian fish dish) all over the country and haven’t have one any better than the one they serve here. And, if you get here, please tell Aggie we sent you. She’s so sweet and funny. We loved to go there just to see her.


Sails overlooks the Denarau Marina and is one of our favorites. They used to be called Rhumba for those of you who have been here before. They were sold during Covid and are just as wonderful if not better. Sails has their own fishing boat so the fish you get here is super fresh. We’ve tried a little of everything and have never had anything that wasn’t truly brilliant. From Merewai to Simione to the rest of the team you will be treated like royalty.


Best pizza we’ve had in Fiji! And if you’re looking for lobster mornay we can promise you one of the tastiest meals ever. We became regulars here during our marina stay at Denerau as we worked on repairs. We loved to stop in for a late lunch, a few beers and to watch rugby. The locals like to watch rugby here and we had a ball watching it with them. Don’t miss Amalfi’s if you’re in the mood for some great company and food.


Cardo’s doesn’t need much introduction if you’re a cruiser as they’ve been here a long time. But, for those who haven’t heard of them we can promise you will enjoy some great food here. The drink specials are almost too good to be true too. Mojitos or pina coladas for $10 FJD most days. Their beef is premium too.

Lulu Beans

Lulu Beans is in the heart of Port Denarau right on the water. It’s a great place to watch the tourists come and go and to just enjoy a nice meal or cocktail. We’ve become friends with the incredible staff here and truly enjoy every moment hanging out with them.

Located at the Wyndham Resort in Denarau is a great Mexican restaurant. Mexican in this part of the world isn’t exactly like what you get in the US or Mexico but here they get it pretty close. We’ve been here several times and always enjoyed a great meal. They also have a nice setting with decks over fountain pools surrounded by tropical plants.

There are several other restaurants at the port and many in the various resorts around Denarau. We’ve tried just many of them and these are the ones we’ve enjoyed the most.

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