Whangarei, New Zealand

Whangarei (pronounced “Fon ga ray”) is a beautiful town on the North Island of New Zealand. It’s full of yachties and people who work on boats. There’s almost nothing you can’t get for your boat here and we absolutely love it! Also, there are great restaurants and many beautiful parks and tracks to explore this amazing and wonderful country. Below are some pics from some of our day trips in and around this amazing city.

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A. H. Reed Memorial Park is a beautiful place to enjoy a few hours and see the massive Kauri trees. Located just minutes from the Town Basin it’s convenient, free and very beautiful. It’s also a part of the Hatea River Walk. We enjoyed a wonderful time there recently.

Abbey Caves is just a few short minutes from the Town Basin and has three caves that you are free to explore. Since these do not have guides you are on your own and should be prepared with torches (flashlights), climbing gear and other safety equipment. We decided not to venture into the caves but did enjoy a nice hike here.

Miscellaneous Photos From Trips Around The Area

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