Fun Times In Mazatlán

What a wonderful city to visit. We had a ball here playing touristas for a week. We stayed at Marina Mazatlán which is close to town and pretty nice. The women’s facilities were being remodeled during our stay so I had to use the men’s. Dan would stand outside and make certain other men didn’t come in. Just a minor inconvenience….no big deal.

We spent a morning in old town and visited the big basilica there. It was built in the late 1800’s and was absolutely amazing! We also visited the indoor market which was rather interesting. It’s just a Mexican version of a dirt mall, flea market or swap meet…whatever you want to call it. The big thing is how they display and sell meat. It’s just all out there in the open and all you can think is…“How much contamination is happening here?” But, it is what it is. After all, this is a third world country.  I don’t recommend going there if you have a weak stomach. But, you can find everything there including chicken feet! Nope! I didn’t and I won’t try them!

We had lunch there at Tony’s. It’s a little food stand that serves one amazing carne asada torta. A torta is a type of sandwich that is chuck full of meat. They chop it up and grill it then mix cheese in just before they put it on the grilled bun which is an uber fresh Mexican bun. They top it with onion, some cabbage, sour cream and a little guacamole sauce. Served up with a side of ultra crispy fries (hard to find in Mexico) and a coke. Mmmm Mmmm! I highly recommend this little place. Just don’t think about where they got the meat and you’ll love it!

We visited Panchos on the beach a couple of times where they make an awesome Mexican coffee and the show is spectacular as they prepare it. Everyone in the restaurant stops to watch as the barista mixes the flaming liquids. And, the coffee was as good as the show. For those who don’t know, Mexican coffee has tequila, kahlua and cointreau in it and is topped with fresh whipped cream. Oh yeah! This stuff rocks! You can watch them prepare our coffee in the video we created. Click Here!


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