Big News On Dazzler

Well folks, Captain Dan, Jilly & Grape Ape have some really big news to share with you. In fact…it’s likely to be quite a shock if you really know the three of us.

After many, many long months of contemplation and discussion we have decided that it’s time to sell our beloved Dazzler and move on to other adventures. Honestly, it’s a heartbreaking decision as we’ve enjoyed so many years (20+ for Dan) living aboard and being transported to some of the world’s most amazing and exotic locations. But, the time has come to allow our girl to show others some of the wonders of the world.

Many may think of Dazzler as just another boat but to us, she’s a living, breathing being who has become a part of our lives and our souls. She has not only transported us across tens of thousands of miles of blue oceans; she’s protected us in times of inclement weather. Even in 6 meter seas she’s stood tall and strong and kept us safe. She’s not just a vessel to move us about. She’s a friend and confidant. She’s a protector and guardian. She is a part of our family and will be missed beyond measure.

As of late I’ve found myself stopping to talk to her a bit more often. I pet her and even hug her. You see, I know all too well the ways she’s watched over us and taken care of us over the years. I will never forget a single creak or groan that she’s made as she forged her way through the ever divergent seas Mother Nature and Poseidon have sent our way.

There is no doubt that we will miss our girl beyond measure. As for me…I’ve cried almost daily since we’ve made this decision. After all, how do you say goodbye to one of your most true and trusted friends and protectors? To say that this is emotional for both of us is an understatement. But there are many new adventures ahead. After all….we’re all about adventure.

So, stay turned to find out what we’re up to next and in the meantime, if you or anyone you know is interested in living their best life aboard one of the greatest ships ever….give us a shout.

Here’s a video of our gal for anyone who is interested.

Until Next Time,

Jilly & Dan


Author: Dan & Jilly

4 thoughts on “Big News On Dazzler

  1. Wow. Although I understand that this time comes to all cruisers… I simply wasn’t ready to here this news from you/DAZZLER. No matter where you land. It’s just another adventure and we love you always. stay in touch forever ❤️. Dena

    1. Definitely going to be a change but then that’s what adventure is all about….taking risks and embracing change. One of the best parts about this life is all the incredible friends we’ve made along the way. Never worry….we will always stay in touch! Sending love and hugs your way. 💕

  2. Well kids this brought me to tears. We experienced the same feelings that you are now having when we sold Lovely Reta…tears, moments of wrapping our arms around our girl knowing that she was moving on, reminiscing about voyages past and feeling a bit unsure of the future without her. Land cruising has become our outlet for those feelings, as well as making air/ship voyages to places we have never seen. So good on you two for having the courage to make the decision when you were ready. You have done well! Hoping to see you back in the States! John & Deb & Luke SV LOVELY RETA

    1. You know all too well how difficult this is but Dazzler deserves to continue cruising the world’s oceans. Some lucky new owner will get to experience their own adventures aboard her.

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