Sota Tale Fiji, Hello Open Ocean

Lots of tears flowing on the foredeck as we exited Port Denarau yesterday. Fijian friends were messaging their well wishes all morning and Ali, the dockmaster, came down especially to say goodbye. We’ve made a good friend of him as well. So many amazing people we have left behind. Sota tale to you all…you’ll be forever in our hearts.

It took a little over six hours to get from the port to the outside of the reef. All along we were passing islands and villages we’ve visited. For once I sat quietly in the Princess seat on the stern and never picked up my camera. I just wanted to take in every single last view that I could. After all, there’s a chance we I’ll never return to this magnificent country and our Fijian family.

We reached the outer edge of the reef about an hour before sunset. Dan hoisted the mainsail but we still used the motor as the winds were not as strong as predicted either. Just before the sun went down we were greeted by a pod of about 15-20 tiny dolphin.

They reminded us of the tiny vaketa dolphin you see in the Sea of Cortez. They are about a meter long and cute as can be. As I do I took my place on the bow where I cheered them on whistling. shouting and clapping. They responded by giving us a great performance as they were leaping into the air twisting and turning. And, as they would come by the bow they would each role over on its side and look right up at me. I swear they are trying to communicate when they do this. They stayed for about twenty minutes and just as the sun touched the water they were gone. It was a lovely end to a day filled with goodbyes.

Today it’s a warm and sunny day out here on the big blue. We’ve had good weather in the past 22 hours however not as predicted. Winds are coming a bit more out of the east than southeast so instead of a nice smooth sail with the wind and swell on our stern the 2+ meter swells are hitting a bit more on the beam. Not a bad thing…just not as comfortable as we’d like.

The good thing is they are about 8 seconds apart so it’s not horrible. Every now and then we get a little bigger swell that heals us over 30+°. Those are always fun. Not! As Dan would say it’s a “sporty” ride. Don’t ask for my true feelings on it. I barely have slept in the past 24 hours and am a little less than pleasant this morning. But…this is sailing…some days are average, some suck and others are brochure sailing. You’ve got to take the bad with the good.

I will say that even though it’s sporty out here right now it is beautiful. How I wish I could capture a photo that shows the true color of the water offshore like this. It’s a magical sort of clear blue with a slight hint of indigo. When the swells crest and the white foam rolls from their peaks you can see through the wave so clearly. Stunning…just stunning. Everyone on earth should get the opportunity to see it once in their life.

Well, that’s all to report from Dazzler today.

Until next time,


P.S. We do have more stories and photos from our four and a half months in Fiji this year but we’ve decided to save some for the book we are writing so stay tuned….

Current Situation

2210 UTC
17°56.625’ S
75°26.081’ E
Heading 245° T
Winds 17 knot E to ESE
Swell 2-3 meters E to ESE
Crew: Dan is happily napping, Jilly is on watch trying to change her attitude. LOL

Author: Dan & Jilly

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