The Worst Passage Ever

I suppose it depends upon which one of us you ask but as for me, this was the worst, most taxing passage we’ve made in our years together. Yes, we did have a couple of “brochure sailing” days but the days that weren’t were truly trying. Broken ribs, water intrusion down the companionway hatch…not one, two, three or four but FIVE times, some leaks at the a couple of port lights, six meter swells for several hours one day and the ground fault at the bus bar. All of them joined together to make this the worst passage ever!

But, we arrived alive and Dazzler did exactly what she was designed to do. She handled the seas like a champ! Of course Dan’s neverending work and love that he gives her probably plays a little part in that as well.

Arrival at Vuda Marina was more welcome than you’ll ever know. It was a gorgeous sunny day and the team here made us feel as if we were truly coming home. They even sang to us upon our arrival! Of course I could use a lot of words to describe this trip and our arrival but we thought a little five minute video would give you a better idea of how it all went. Sorry I missed the video of the six meter seas but I was a little busy holding on for dear life.

Hope you enjoy the video! Now we’ll take a little time off of posting to get our bearings and start enjoying the islands again. Don’t worry though…we’ve got some great travels ahead and we’ll keep you in the loop.

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Author: Dan & Jilly

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