You’re Kidding Me Right?

Captain Dan has an upcoming trip planned to the states for some family business.  And so the last few months have been sprinkled with deciding what can be purchased and brought back on the return flight. Obviously, boat part replacements are high on the list. But who knew the decision making process for hair bobbles could take several weeks.  First of all, let’s define what a hair bobble really is shall we?

Wikipedia defines it as, “a ponytail holder(also called a hair tie, hair band, or bobble) as an item used to fasten hair, particularly long hair, away from areas such as the face. This is usually done as part of a hairstyle such as pigtailsbunches, or ponytails for straight, wavy and loosely curled hair, and referred to as afro puffsbunny tails and “pineapples” for highly curled and highly textured natural hair. Two common types of ponytail holders are the scrunchie and the elastic. The term can also include a fixed tie, which is placed through strands to hold specific parts of hair together, rather than tie it or clasp together like a hair clip.

Ponytail holders’ elasticity and durability vary according to the material or materials from which they are made.

Also known as:

  • Bobble
  • Chongo
  • Dodoggle
  • Elastic band
  • Gogo
  • Hair band
  • Hair binder
  • Hair deals
  • Hair elastic
  • Bands
  • Ding dong
  • Hair elastic Band
  • Ribbon
  • Hair knick knacks
  • Hair up
  • Ponytail holder
  • Rubber band
  • Scrunchie
  • Twistie
  • Whiztinger
  • Hair thing
  • Nubby-doo
  • Bobbin
  • Hair holder”

So you can see this torture device has many names.  But the one used routinely aboard Dazzler is hair bobble.  I had never heard of the device called a hair bobble or known that there are SO many different options for today’s modern woman until about two years ago.  

I helped raise three daughters in my lifetime and we called them hair ties or scrunchies….never hair bobbles.  Imagine my disbelief when the word hair bobble was used.  

Now, enter the selection process for hair bobbles.  Somebody give me a butter knife because I want to stab myself to death over the amount of time needed to make a “Hair Bobble” decision.  Well my friends I had no idea how much time is necessary to make a final decision.  Holding the tablet next to clothes in the hanging locker and searching through endless pages on for just the right color, manufacturer, length, material etc…  Then there is the selection of an order of the right hair bobbles from Bangkok Betty’s Bo Ti Cue (boutique}.  Which cannot provide a timely shipment because the ten thousand hair bobbles for just $9.99 would have to be sent via shipping container and could not be completed before my arrival or departure from the states. Thank god!  Then there is the so-called stress from searching online.  I was told that a break was necessary because she almost passed from all the stress.  Jesus give me strength.   

But I have to make sure the ones I choose will go with the clothes I have to wear!

I might as well just go to the pub and spend the next week there until the final decision has been made.  And yes, it actually never is made in that time period either because the desired items get put into a wish list for viewing repeatedly over the next three weeks to make sure that the 1000 hair bobbles for $9.99 is the right purchase.

Wake me when it’s time to get on my plane for the states.


Captain Dan

P.S. I won’t even go into the chaos that ensued when she tried to find a bathing suit!

Author: Dan & Jilly

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