It’s Not All Fun And Games

Of course we know everyone sees our posts and thinks our life is just filled with sunsets, cocktails and beautiful days on the water. Well, it would be nice if that were the case but boats need maintenance and Dazzler is no exception.

Since we’re sitting here in a nice, calm anchorage we decided it was time to tackle a few of those maintenance items. After our morning coffee time we both get to work. Dan starts by changing the oil in the engine. Of course, as you can see, it’s never a simple task as there’s lots of things that must be moved to get to the tools and things required for any project. Projects equal a messy boat. Sometimes you spend as much time getting things out and putting them away as you do actually working on the project at hand.

While he tackled the engine I decided it was time to do some thorough cleaning in the forward bunk area. On our last passage I noticed some large dust bunnies had stowed away up there and there was also a white film on some on the teak walls behind where we store the charts. This is usually the start of mold so it had to go and quick.

Of course I went into my project with the idea that it would take a half hour or so to wipe down the walls and then I’d be on my way to more fun pursuits. Well, if you have a boat you know that NOTHING is as easy as it seems no matter how much we try to kid our selves. My little half hour project ended up taking the better part of three hours. I had to pull everything out of the bunk area and do a more thorough cleaning than I originally anticipated. It was hot, dirty and exhausting, but the good news is that it’s all sparkling clean and completely reorganized now.
Dan also decided he needed to do a bit of sewing. For a while now we’ve talked about making a rain fly to go over our forward hatch so that we can keep the hatch open when it rains. Since I had all of the canvas out while I was cleaning he decided the time has finally come. He never ceases to amaze me with his talents. I can barely sew on a button with a needle and thread yet he designed and sewed a beautiful rain fly in just a few hours! Sorry ladies….he’s all mine so back away. Thank you.

After our work was complete we decided it was time to reward ourselves with a bite to eat. We hopped in the dink and headed to shore. We had heard that BellaVista was a great little restaurant and it certainly has a wonderful view of the bay so we decided to check it out. The food was really good and the view…SPECTACULAR!

We ended up spending four days here in Neiafu. We actually would have left a bit sooner but Bear told us that the Hideaway was opening on Saturday so we, of course, had to stay an extra day. We were the first customers for 2019 and the food was perfect. We spent the afternoon hanging out on the barge enjoying Bear and Char’s company. Just before sunset the place was really hopping. Cruisers were coming from all over the anchorage to have a beer, swap sailing stories and get some of their great fish. Since the barge can only hold 12 people some were sitting in their dinghies and taking shifts coming aboard. Just before dark we decided it was time for us to make room for two more and so we left.

Tomorrow we leave to check out some of the other anchorages here in Vava’u. Check back to find out where we go and who we meet up with next.

Until next time,
Jilly & Dan

Author: Dan & Jilly

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