The Eel

When you live on the water you’re always seeing something cool. Captain Dan spotted this guy near our dock here in Whangarei. He saw another one the other day. I wonder if they are eating the baby ducks. Hmmmm…

Author: Dan & Jilly

5 thoughts on “The Eel

    1. Miss you too. Can you believe I’ve been retired for over ten years now? Wow! Thanks, you two look to be having an awesome time as well. Cheers!

  1. Hey Kids…its Ed & Linny from One Fine Day. You guys are having way too much fun! Glad you made the trip safely! Just wanted to say Hi & Merry Christmas as I’m not sure our emails got thru.
    Keep the pole pointing up!!

    1. Hi Ed and Linny, we are glad we made it also. So sorry that you and Linny are going through the trials you are enduring. We hope there is a bright lining in that cloud soon. We miss you both lots. I hear you are working on getting One Fine Day to Hawaii. Not sure what we can do for you, but let’s us know if you need anything, help, time shoulder or a frosty cold beer. LOL. Take care of that lovely woman.



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