The South Pacific

After considerable time, money and a ton of hard work it is time for Captain Dan & Jilly to realize their dream of sailing Dazzler to the South Pacific. We will be leaving Banderas Bay in the Puerto Vallarta area of Mexico in March 2018 to explore new lands and people. This page will provide you with information about our journey, links to helpful articles, things we researched in preparation for the big jump and much more. Check back often as we will continue to post new information as we make our way around this beautiful world.



Helpful Links:

Pacific Seafarers Net

This is an amateur radio net that provides recreational vessels completing ocean passages with a free of charge daily check-in service via amateur (HAM) SSB radio.

They meet every day of the year at 0300 UTC on 14300 KHz in the 20 metre band. All licensed amateur radio operators holding a general class or equivalent license are invited to participate.

We will be checking into this net daily as they will track us across the Pacific. One great thing about this is  your family and friends can check their site daily to learn your whereabouts.

Pacific Puddle Jump

Latitude 38 magazine helps to facilitate fleet coordination and information through their longtime relationships with various Tahitian partners and government agencies. They maintain a database of safety and identification info on all registered boats which is a great benefit to search and rescue organizations in the event of an emergency. They also host several events to get Puddle Jumpers together. Their support of the Puddle Jumpers is outstanding and registration with them is currently free of charge.

Tahiti Crew

This company helps cruisers with the formalities and paperwork required to enter French Polynesia. One of the requirements is that all crew has a return air ticket to their home country or that they post a bond in the amount of a one way ticket to their home country in the event you need to leave the country. Using a bond agency such as Tahiti Crew allows means you don’t have to put up such a substantial amount of cash. For a fee, they give you a bond letter, get you duty free fuel and assist you on your arrival to French Polynesia. While an agency like this is not necessary, the crew of Dazzler decided it is well worth the $250 we paid them to ensure everything goes smoothly!

SV Soggy Paws

Their website was invaluable to us as we began to plan for making the jump. They have extensive compendiums that provide detailed information about the South Pacific, general information as to sailing there and much, much more.