Driving Tour to Hatiheu Bay

We rented a car with our great friends, Ed & Linda of SV One Fine Day and took a drive from Taiohae Bay to Hatiheu Bay. Kevin at Yacht Services Nuka Hiva procured a rental car for us, gave us a map and pointed out the best places to see.

Here’s a map showing the route we took to Hatiheu. Along the way you will pass some sacred grounds which are wonderful to explore. They are called Kamuihei, Tahakia & Teiipoka and these three connected sites make up the largest excavated archeological site on Nuka Hiva. Also, don’t miss the lookout over the forest toward Taiohae Bay at Tekeika. That first picture below is from Tekeika.

There are several lookout spots along the way so be sure to stop. The photo opportunities are excellent!

When we reached Hatiheu Bay we stopped for lunch at Chez Yvonne were we had an amazing Lobster meal. The outdoor seating provided wonderful, warm tropical breezes and beautiful scenery overlooking the bay.

On the way back we took a little detour based on Kevin’s suggestion and stopped at an overlook at the Too’vi’i Plateau and Grand Canyon. You see, Nuku Hiva is divided into two sides, the western side where all the people live surrounding the bays and the eastern side where the airport is located. In between, lies the Too’vi’i plateau which lies 3000 feet above the ocean. On top of the plateau it feels less like a tropical island and more like the an evergreen forest with huge pines and other deciduous fauna. Interestingly enough the pines are often referred to as “Cook Pines” because it is said that Captain Cook planted them in the islands all over the South Pacific so that he would alway have straight and sturdy wood to fix masts and booms on his ships.

Kevin at Yacht Services Nuka Hiva can help you with a rental car and will give you a map to show you all of the “must see” spots. This will make for an amazing day filled with adventure so don’t miss it!