Daniel’s Bay Gallery

Daniel’s Bay on Nuka Hiva was made famous by the Survivor TV show. You can still see evidence of the television production on the island in the way of signs etc… We enjoyed several wonderful days here but don’t go swimming. We saw more sharks in this bay than we saw throughout the entire trip from Mexico to New Zealand! One day we had about a five foot hammerhead swim right beside the dink. Not ten minutes later, off the side of the boat we saw a large black tip come clean out of the water to snatch its pray. Our friend Ernie, of SV Patience, was fishing here and had a very large bull shark chase and ultimately take his fish while he was fishing from his inflatable dink. Nope…no swimming for us.

We did the hike to the waterfall which was pretty tough in the hot and humid conditions. Actually we didn’t even get all the way to it but we did get to where you can see it. We met Teike and his wife who sold us fresh juice and homemade ice cream after our walk to the falls.

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