Driving Tour To Puamu’a

After weeks at sea a little time on the road was most welcome. We, as well as Helen & Ian of SV Nightide, rented a car from Atuona Rent-a-Car and took a day trip to Puama’u. It was an interesting and even nerve-racking trip to be sure but it was certainly worth it.

It was a grueling three hour ride, most of which was on a one lane dirt road that skirted steep cliffs. It was full of rocks and deep potholes. At times some of us wondered if we’d make it there alive but we did make it to the village of Pauma’u to see the largest tiki in all of French Polynesia.

The views we saw along the way were exceptional and the trip was completely worth the bumpy and somewhat uncomfortable ride. We highly recommend this trip if you are in the area. It’s definitely an adventure getting there but completely worth it.

For more information and a detailed account of our trip, click on the link below to read the entire article.

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