Provisioning and Food Stuff

One great thing about being in a first world nation is the ability to get all of the provisions you need on board. From fresh fruits and vegetables to the finest wines, Whangerie has it all. This is a list of the stores we frequent most.

If you’re looking for healthy, whole foods the Bin Inn is close to the Town Basin Marina and has a great selection. They also off bulk seasoning, oats and other things.

This is our “go to” grocery store here. They have two locations in Whangerie and while they may be a few cents more than the other stores we just seem to like them a bit more.

This is one of our favorite stores in Auckland. It sells all American food stuff that we can’t find in the regular stores here. They also sell things like real Ziploc™ bags, Triscuit™ crackers and even some favorite toiletries. We make a run down there about once a month because we love it so much. But, be sure to buy it if you see it because the options change regularly based upon what they can get in.

This grocery store is located directly across from the Town Basin Marina so it’s uber convenient. It looks more like a warehouse type of store but they seem to have just about everything you could need.

There are just a few butcher shops in Whangerie these days and this one is certainly one of the nicest around. The have a wonderful selection of meats and sausages. Having come from Mexico we love Carne Asada Tacos which are made with flank steak. This cut of meat is next to impossible to find here but The Butcher Shoppe will get it special for us. We love that!

New Zealander’s aren’t necessarily known for their love of spicy food. In fact unless you go to a Thai or Indian restaurant it can be pretty hard to find. That said WWW makes some of the best hot sauce around. Try their Ghost Pepper hot sauce. It’s got a kick to be sure. They also have other sauces and relishes. You can order them online or you can find them in places such as the Butcher Shoppe.