Fiji Dazzler Approved

Fiji Dazzler Approved Businesses

As is typical in the islands, business come and go but there are some that seem to stand the test of time. We’ve listed all the businesses we enjoyed doing business with in Fiji but please note that due to Covid and cyclones some of these may have gone out of business. We do our best to check on them from time to time but if you find one that is no longer there we would be grateful if you’d drop us a line.


  • The South Pacific Butchering Company is “the” place to go for meat. This place is absolutely amazing and is just a short bus or taxi ride from the port. Their meats are always fresh and very tasty. Some are imported but much of it is local beef, chicken and pork. They offer an amazing service for us yachties too. If you call or stop by and place an order they will vacuum seal it in the quantities your choose, freeze it and then deliver it to the port the following day. They charge $10 FJD to deliver to Denarau and $25 to go to Vuda. Good meat is hard to find in Fiji so we are happy to have found this amazing place!
  • In the port there is a small grocery store called the Yess Expressmart that caters to the ke pelangi (tourists). They have really good vegetables even if they are a bit pricey. Of course anything located in a tourist area and along the waterfront is going to be pricey. We buy our beer here when we aren’t going into town. They also have some things we have difficulty finding at the stores in town such as really good sour cream and gourmet type cheeses.
  • For fresh bread there’s only one place to go and that’s the Fresh Bread Kitchen. They bake the bread right there and it’s always fresh. They also have an amazing Raspberry Lamington that we simply can’t resist. Dan & Grape Ape call it Raspberry Babinka. For those who have seen the movie “Deuce Bigalow” you will understand that comment.
  • The open air market in Nadi is probably the cheapest place to get fresh vegetables but you need to be an early bird to get them. Since we aren’t really early birds these days we typically get ours at the market in the port.
  • As for grocery stores. They are a hit or miss kind of thing. We find that shopping here is much like every other third world country. You have to visit several different stores to find what you are looking for and be prepared not to find it at all. That said there are several in downtown Nadi but we found the New World market just outside of town at the bottom of Namaka hill has a better selection than the stores in town.


One of the delicious meals you’ll enjoy at Mamacitas.
  • Mamacitas Mexican Restaurant in the Wyndam Hotel at Port Denarau had some pretty tasty Mexican food. Having spent a lot of time in Mexico it had to be good to impress us. They also serve up a traditional lovo buffet which Dan said was good but not great. He loved the pork but the rest was just so so. We’d definitely go back but probably for lunch and we’d sit out front. The view isn’t is nice but inside it is really loud with so many people walking around on the tile floors and because it’s a family resort there are lots of kids. 
  • The Hard Rock Café has some pretty tasty food and does an afternoon happy hour. It’s a little pricey compared to Rhumba but it’s nice to try something different once in a while.
The Sampler Platter at Hard Rock Café…Yummy!

There are several other restaurants at the port and many in the various resorts around Denarau. We just tend to be creatures of habit and when we find something we like we stick with it.

Port Denarau Marina

I said a couple of articles ago that we haven’t actually stayed in the Port Denarau Marina. We would have done so a couple of times but it’s really hard to get a slip or even a mooring there. It seems they cater to the mega yachts and Dazzler certainly isn’t one of those.  That said they are very friendly and helpful in the marina office and we do use their laundry facilities. You have to buy the tokens from the marina office the day you plan to use them. Guess they don’t have enough tokens to go around. 

We’ve also found that they are incredibly helpful with information as to how to get around the area, how to arrange for checking out of the country and just about anything we’ve asked.

You can check in and out of country here. We didn’t check in here so we don’t know that procedure. We are considering check out here so we learned you have to make plans a few days in advance and stay at one of their dedicated Customs & Immigration slips so it will cost you a night’s slip fee.

Of course there are many more stores, restaurants and things to see here but we just wanted to give you some information on the places we actually know about.


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