South Pacific – Day 14 Stats

Oops! It appears I forgot to put the stats up with our daily entry. Guess all this salt is corroding the hard drive that is my brain. Anyway, here’s the technical stuff.
Day #14 Latitude: 10°43 N Longitude: 124° 13 W Covered Distance Last 24 Hours: 134 NM!!! Distance to the Marquesas: 1290 NM Distance from Punta de Mita, Mexico: 1620 NM Weather: 100% Cloudy with squalls Winds: NNE 19 Knots Sea State: NNE 5’ – 6’ confused Barometer: 1013.5 Sea Temp: 95.2° Air Temp: 84.3° Course: 233° True Speed: 5.1 Knots Crew’s Mood: Soaked, cold and ready for some Polynesian sunshine and cocktails with little umbrellas.

Author: Dan & Jilly

3 thoughts on “South Pacific – Day 14 Stats

  1. I don’t know if you will get my reply but my prayers are with you both for a successful and safe journey xoxo Amy

  2. Your reported position indicates that you’ve gone exactly 0.000 nm since day 12. LOL What’s your real lat/lon? Is the water really 95 degrees? That’s getting too hot for fish! It happens.

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